Differential Association and Far-Right Extremism

Above: The 2021 Attack on the U.S. Capitol represents just one of several extremist occurrences within the past seven years.Photo: Chris Jones (100 Days in Appalachia) Below: Dylan Roof’s motivations for murder, criteria for target suitability, and knowledge of potential impact and technique came about from his associations.Video: KPRC 2 Click2Houston (YouTube) Introduction Domestic extremism […]

Social Theory Connections: Drift, Social Control, and General

Introduction Social theories don’t emerge from a vacuum. They are neither apolitical nor ahistorical. Rather, they form from both the philosophical assumptions as well as the socio-historic contexts in which they are constructed and organized. Seemingly unrelated theories or theories related mainly through general category often extend from the same roots and build upon one […]

The Hate Manager: Why Hate Groups Affect Hate Crime

Fear and Control Hate groups and hate crime have a close relationship. That relationship’s foundations? Fear. Fear of a threat from a marginalized group.  For Daily Stormer readers, the threat came from Jewish women. For a right-wing rally in Charlottesville, the threat came from anti-racist protestors. The solution to these threats? In a word, control. […]

“The Criminal Class” in American Policy

In his exploration of America’s punitive turn at the end of the twentieth century, legal scholar Jonathan Simon examines the publications of Cesare Lombroso  (1825-1909), often called the “father” of positivist criminology , to create a policy template for the American criminal justice system. To clarify, a positivist criminologist applies methods characteristic of the natural […]

Teaching Humility to Stop Stealing Dreams

So, last post I plan to have under the GEDI header for a while. My reflection from this last week’s readings (mainly Dan Edelstein’s educator manifesto “Stop Stealing Dreams“) surrounds my own teaching philosophy. As I said at the start of this blog, these posts are exercises in humility and invitations to learn. But to […]

Reflection: A Precarious Student Turns Into a Precarious Professor

So, some background on your favorite criminologist*. When I was in college, I was not exactly the ideal student. I displayed excellent writing skills, participated in a lot of different clubs, tackled difficult subjects head on, and continually improved my ability to look critically at a variety of issues, seeing the logic or rationale behind […]

How to Fix a Problem You Can’t Diagnose

Short Answer: You can’t. Long Answer: In my reflections on this week’s class readings, I’ve noticed that defenses for traditional undergraduate grading share one thing in common: an appeal to diagnosis. In other words, defenders argue that it’s important to measure how well students are learning and teachers are teaching. Yeah, a couple of questions […]


POLICE allot DEATH, LYNCH MOBS wielding tiki torches, rope, shields. WHITE TEACHERS proclaiming WHITE POWER. Hid under JUST laws? No. END comforting lies. EXPOSE hate crimes. 2019 Jon A. LLoyd

GEDI Blogging and Humility

This reflection comes from the GEDI readings for this week, the links for which can be found at the bottom of this post. This blog works as an exercise in humility. What does that mean? I mean that every time I post, comment, or reply to a comment, I make a public statement: “I am […]

Hello world!

My name is Jon LLoyd. I am a doctoral student at Virginia Tech in the Department of Sociology. My research interests include Hate Crime Prevention, Victimology of Hate Crimes, Criminology and Public Policy, Sociology of Religion, Sociology of Digital Culture, History of Technology, and the History and Sociology of Hate Groups. I am currently in […]