Services Provided

Professional Quality Services

With years of experience writing and publishing for different platforms, from creative fiction to news reporting to research publications, I can write, edit, and review your documents to get across to your target audience quickly and effectively. I am also available to speak at events, guest lecture for a course, or for short-term consultation for organizations needing help with developing research frameworks or strategies. I also offer data analysis services.

Writing & Editing

I can provide consultations, editing services, and writing services for a variety of documents ranging from professional cover letters and resumes to press releases and research proposals.


I am well-versed in quantitative, qualitative, and archival research methods. My areas of expertise include hate groups, extremism, hate crime, and digital culture. I am able to help craft and execute research projects for you and your organization(s).

Data Analysis & Reporting

I have experience and success analysing and reporting complicated information in clear, easily understood figures to a variety of audiences.

Digital Consulting ​​

I can provide short-term consultation for organizations looking for outlets both print and digital to publish their material or make data available.

Public Speaking

I am available for both in-person and virtual speaking engagements and guest lectures throughout the year.

Other Services

If you would like consultation on any other element of a project, policy, or event, please contact me.

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