Table of Contents

Regarding the Instructor

“Professor Lloyd was extremely helpful in all situations. A question never went unanswered and he took his time to give us feedback when he gave us our grades!”

“Professor Lloyd is a great person and teacher. He is very understanding and has an approachable demeanor. He is an effective teacher and very organized for class. He is human and reminds us that we are all human – it is okay to make mistakes and get second chances. His teaching style promotes student growth rather than diminish or destroy it. I enjoyed his class!”

“Professor Lloyd was super considerate and flexible, being aware that we are all students in a pandemic. He was super understanding, and was still effective in his teaching, while still remaining flexible.”

“Jonathan Andrew Lloyd provided many ways of teaching us and getting us to dive head on into the class content, all around a enjoyable experience with varied learning content to keep things fresh and enjoyable.”

“He was an incredible professor. He always provided feedback for our written assignments, which allowed me to perform better on my other written assignments. He always presented the material clearly. He gave us breaks when necessary. Just overall, a wonderful class and experience.”

“He had a wonderful understanding of how hard it is to be an overwhelmed college student. I am thankful for is kindness and patience.”

“He was very responsive to students needs.”

“His lectures were very helpful and engaging! He always keeps it fun but also teaches us stuff!”

“Wonderful instructor. He was extremely prepared and took this class very seriously. He was very considerate of our feelings and provided a safe atmosphere for learning.”

Regarding the Class

“The class was run very effectively and fairly in regards to class time and workload. I really enjoyed attending this class as the material was well laid out and easy to understand, while also being engaging and interesting. The assignments for this course were very thought provoking, and I enjoyed working on them and getting critical feedback as to how I could improve in the future.”

“I appreciated the variety in activities. It can be hard to teach a lecture course over Zoom, so I appreciated some of the discussions or the documentaries and outside activities. I also appreciated the check-ins, it was nice to have a professor ask how I was doing and count that as ‘classwork/homework’.”

“I liked interacting with my peers, like the Jigsaw Week article discussions.”

“He incorporated videos and pictures in his PowerPoints which helped me remember the material because I am a very visual learner.”

“When creating discussion posts about our topics in class, he made sure to include topics outside of class that we would enjoy to connect to our classwork.”

“The activities we did really helped with understanding the material.”

“He was very engaging with his students and make it a comfortable environment to learn in.”

“Overall, I really enjoyed this course and the way it was taught. The class itself, as well as the information provided, has heightened my interest of sociology.”


“While I enjoyed the group discussions, I feel like in an online format, they sometimes allowed for some students to not participate, yet get points.”

“I found it a little difficult to keep up with the reading schedule because there were multiple readings per week, and each of them were long and dense.”

“My only critique is that you be consistent with outside class assignments and
let us know ahead of time when there would be weekend assignments. I didn’t realize there were going to be outside assignments besides the readings and so that threw me off guard. Sometimes I also felt that we knew about them last minute, and I would have to shift around some things in my schedule in order to get the assignment done. A minor critique, overall I enjoyed the class. Thank you.”

“Theoretical frameworks are super prominent in this course. It would have been super helpful to have a running document with all the theories discussed with their respective definitions/implications.”

“Some of the out of class assignments seemed like busy work, felt like I was doing a lot of unnecessary assignments rather than focusing on course content.”

“While I realize the importance of the readings every week, I felt they often weren’t completely relevant or only part of it was. I honestly felt like I was wasting my time and energy trying to read 30 page scientific reports to really only need information from one section of it.”

“The only issue I had is with the workload towards the end of the semester. The first half of the semester was spread out well, but the second half felt like we were doing far too many assignments at once. He did however end up revising one of the larger assignments to help with this, but maybe this should have been done earlier, as I know it caused a lot of stress for the class.”