Selected Comments: SPRING 2020

Regarding the Instructor

“He was very understanding of having out of class responsibilities like a sport and what that meant in relation to the classroom.”

“Helpful feedback.”

“Very willing to talk about each students project specifically and help.”

“Very understanding teacher.”

“Answered any questions my partner and I had regarding our project.”

“Gave examples and listed instructions clearly.”


“You need to get better with the tech ahead of time. We lost a few minutes every recitation because your powerpoint didn’t work. But mostly you were good.”

“Good TA who wanted to help but would sometimes be a little confusing in how he relayed information in the process.”

“Prepare your own material. It seemed like a couple times during the recitation that you seemed flustered and didnt present your own stuff, which i think you would have been more comfortable
doing. I know it was hard connecting to our class, but it seemed ‘cringy’ at times.”

“I noticed that he seems to grade harsher than other TA’s. I have alot of friends who have different TA’s and we compare our dicussion posts with each other and they seem to always get higher grades. Meanwhile I get points taken off for the smallest things.”