Selected Comments: FALL 2019

Regarding the Instructor

“He was very passionate about the material and it is obvious that he enjoys teaching and helping others.”

“Give this man a raise, he actually cares about his job.”

“Great teacher! I think this was his first time teaching and he did a great job. He kept the class engaged everyday and gave fair warning if we were discussing a sensitive topic in class.”

“He provided great feedback on my assignments which helped me for future assignments.”

“He had a wonderful understanding of how hard it is to be an overwhelmed college student. I am thankful for is kindness and patience.”

“The instructor provided a lot of feedback on assignments that allowed me to engage the material in a more meaningful way.”

Regarding the Class

“This style of grading and class is really worked but really unique.”

“This was a great course. I enjoyed you as a teacher. Class was interesting because you are a funny person but your slides/lectures got a bit boring because you packed a lot of info on each page…”

“The interaction with the classroom is unlike anything I have seen here at Virginia Tech. I really enjoyed it and feel it helped me learn.”

“…Group work was welcomed and class input was always received well by the professor.”

“[C]lips and videos we watched helped grasp the knowledge given to us during classes.”

“The activities we did really helped with understanding the material.”


“Professor Lloyd did a good job of presenting the course material during lecture and engaging the class; however, the lack of organization and a floating schedule of assignments made getting things done on time a bit challenging.”

“Instructor made course expectations unclear…Overall, very confusing. He also hopped around so much that it was unclear what the scope of the class was and what we were really meant to gain from the course.”

“He was very poorly prepared and his historical facts were very off….He basically advocated for being overweight which comes off poorly to me because I’m an advocate for healthy lifestyles and have seen the detriment in being overweight. Regardless, he provided false facts in class and used it as a platform for his own agendas.”

“[H]e was very micromanaging the class the whole time and would get onto people for being on their phones for 5 seconds. This is college level classes, not mandatory high school classes…”