Differential Association and Far-Right Extremism

Above: The 2021 Attack on the U.S. Capitol represents just one of several extremist occurrences within the past seven years.Photo: Chris Jones (100 Days in Appalachia) Below: Dylan Roof’s motivations for murder, criteria for target suitability, and knowledge of potential impact and technique came about from his associations.Video: KPRC 2 Click2Houston (YouTube) Introduction Domestic extremism […]

Social Theory Connections: Drift, Social Control, and General

Introduction Social theories don’t emerge from a vacuum. They are neither apolitical nor ahistorical. Rather, they form from both the philosophical assumptions as well as the socio-historic contexts in which they are constructed and organized. Seemingly unrelated theories or theories related mainly through general category often extend from the same roots and build upon one […]

The Hate Manager: Why Hate Groups Affect Hate Crime

Fear and Control Hate groups and hate crime have a close relationship. That relationship’s foundations? Fear. Fear of a threat from a marginalized group.  For Daily Stormer readers, the threat came from Jewish women. For a right-wing rally in Charlottesville, the threat came from anti-racist protestors. The solution to these threats? In a word, control. […]

Hate Crime History

Hate Crime. A phrase so upsetting it might just be easier to pretend it doesn’t exist. News of more and more disturbing incidents continue to flood our news feeds, and arguments over whether or not something “counts” as a hate crime or not, you might find the idea of just ignoring the term altogether quite […]

“The Criminal Class” in American Policy

In his exploration of America’s punitive turn at the end of the twentieth century, legal scholar Jonathan Simon examines the publications of Cesare Lombroso  (1825-1909), often called the “father” of positivist criminology , to create a policy template for the American criminal justice system. To clarify, a positivist criminologist applies methods characteristic of the natural […]