POLICE allot DEATH, LYNCH MOBS wielding tiki torches, rope, shields. WHITE TEACHERS proclaiming WHITE POWER. Hid under JUST laws? No. END comforting lies. EXPOSE hate crimes. 2019 Jon A. LLoyd

GEDI Blogging and Humility

This reflection comes from the GEDI readings for this week, the links for which can be found at the bottom of this post. This blog works as an exercise in humility. What does that mean? I mean that every time I post, comment, or reply to a comment, I make a public statement: “I am […]

Hello world!

My name is Jon LLoyd. I am a doctoral student at Virginia Tech in the Department of Sociology. My research interests include Hate Crime Prevention, Victimology of Hate Crimes, Criminology and Public Policy, Sociology of Religion, Sociology of Digital Culture, History of Technology, and the History and Sociology of Hate Groups. I am currently in […]